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Shokoro Design Jewelry

Most of will come in a Jewelry Box, a Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth. It is ready to gift. Gift Wrapping is also available. Please visit to find Gemstone Jewelry.

#FediPress #Sponsor

Free Astra Theme Tutorial

How To Create An Astra Theme WordPress Website in 2022 ~ A Free Astra Tutorial For Beginners

Free WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

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Now what…

I tried (on ), … Which one to stick to? Every platform have it’s own unique good features, wish i can combine them…

Thanks to Chris Aldrich

Thanks @chrisaldrich about letting me know about Nodeinfo plugin. Installed and will be testing it how it performs

Full text editor for all members

Members of now can use full text editor to submit posts.

Now it can be used for but also for writing real, long blog posts with all features.



We Are On Fediverse

We are on
And we enjoy it <3

FediPress Screenshot On Pixelfed

#FediPress screenshot on as #introduction of our instance on

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