Add FediPress To Your WordPress Blog

You probably noticed that we making directory of websites which use plugin to connect to . If your blog is not listed, you are welcome to submit it, simply contact admin or send request via Fediverse to or

As soon your blog is listed in directory, we also start importing your RSS feed to our Federated Timeline, so your future blog posts get more exposure on FediPress and whole Fediverse.

How to add FediPress to your blog?

We will appreciate any of your interaction with Fedipress!

1. You can simply and link back to
<a href="" target="_blank">FediPress</a>

2. Add some of our RSS feeds to your blog.

You can use “Feedzy RSS Feeds” free plugin (or any other) to dispaly any or few of RSS fedds below:

Local Timeline



Optionaly you may use Federated Timeline to dispay blog posts from blogs in our directory:

Why to interact with FediPress?

Since whole idea of Fediverse is connect as many people in one BIG decentralized network, we also trying to boost exposure of WordPress sites connected to Fediverse so WordPress blogs can become equal or nearly equaly interested platform on Fediverse.

We started to spread news on Fediverse of any website in our directory so every listed blog can boost exposure and get more visitors, backlinks etc…

By adding link back to FediPress or implementing any of our RSS feeds, you bring value to FediPress in return, but also bringing value to all other blogs or posts on our website, so WE CAN ALL BENEFIT FROM EACH OTHER!

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