Benefits Of Connecting WordPress To Fediverse

Connecting your blog(s) to have multiple benefits and here i will try to list few top reasons why every WordPress blog should federate it’s posts on Fediverse.

First of all, if you are not familiar with Fediverse, please read What is the Fediverse

I believe that every blog writer would like his posts reach as many readers as possible, but many strugle to get few post views, so in that case you need to share your posts on various social media networks, and strugle to rank on search engines so you can get some visitors from search results. It require much more time then only writing your posts, and sometime even cost you money if you hire freelancer to do  some promotions or SEO work for your blog / post.

But there is simple, free and fully automated solution!

Simply install plugin and connect your WordPress blog with millions of people on Fediverse, automatically publish your posts to Fediverse too.

Benefits Of Connecting WordPress To Fediverse

  1. Turn your WordPress into Fediverse Instance! By adding ActivityPub plugin to your WordPress, you automatically turn your blog into Fediverse Instance, actually, even if you are only member on your blog, it will become social media site interconnected with all Fediverse instances, not only WordPress, but also connected with , , , , , (and many many other platforms) users.
  2. Get millions of people to see your post instantly! This plugin will automatically post your new posts to whole Fediverse, so instantly you published it to millions of people and the more you use it, more you will experienced how to attract those people to visit your blog, by adding various popular hashtags to your posts etc.. In plugin settings you can choose if you want to send whole post to Fediverse, or only excerpt. Publishing only excerpt will probably attract more people to visit your blog if they are interested to see whole content.
  3. Get huge amount of backlinks! Backlinks are known as important tactic to improve your search engine rankings, which should result in more and more organic traffic from search results. Once your post is published to Fediverse, it automatically get backlinks from thousands of instances, and steady improve your domain authority and SERP (search engine rank positioning).
  4. Get more post comments! If anyone comment your post on Fediverse instances, it will automatically add comment on your WordPress post if you allow post commenting, and you can set it to manual approves from you admin panel, you can replay to these comments from your WordPress posts etc… Isn’t it great interaction feature?
  5. Fediverse users can Follow your blog! That’s kind of subscribers. People can follow your WordPress username on Fediverse and get notified of each new post you publish. In admin panel you will see list of people following your WP username.
  6. Auto-Embed Fediverse posts into WordPress posts! If you find interesting posts on Fediverse and want to embed into your blog posts, like images or videos from , you not need to add any embed codes, simply copy URL address of post and paste it into your WordPress post, it will automagically embed post same as you maybe already doing for YouTube videos. View sample.

Tere is even more benefits and i hope that ActivityPub plugin will be updated with more features which will produce even more benefits in future.

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Enjoy WordPress on Fediverse.

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