Shokoro Design Jewelry

Most of #Jewelry will come in a Jewelry Box, a Jewelry Care Card and Jewelry Polishing Cloth. It is ready to gift. Gift Wrapping is also available. Please visit to find Gemstone Jewelry. https://www.e...

Free Astra Theme Tutorial

How To Create An Astra Theme WordPress Website in 2022 ~ A Free Astra Tutorial For Beginners

Free WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

How To Create A WordPress Website in 2022 (sponsored video)

Welcome Felipe

Welcome to our new member on #FediPress Felipe Matheus. https://fedipress.com/members/felipe-mateus/

Benefits Of Connecting WordPress To Fediverse

Connecting your #WordPress blog(s) to #Fediverse have multiple benefits and here i will try to list few top reasons why every WordPress blog should federate it’s posts on Fediverse. First of all...

Now what…

I tried #WordPress (on #Fediverse), #Mastodon #Pleroma #Friendica … Which one to stick to? Every platform have it’s own unique good features, wish i can combine them… @abid@abid.cc

Thanks to Chris Aldrich

Thanks @chrisaldrich about letting me know about Nodeinfo plugin. Installed and will be testing it how it performs


Social Fundraising and Social Communications for Nonprofit Growth Visit: nextinnonprofits.com

Add FediPress To Your WordPress Blog

You probably noticed that we making directory of #WordPress websites which use #ActivityPub plugin to connect to #Fediverse. If your blog is not listed, you are welcome to submit it, simply contact ad...