Benefits Of Connecting WordPress To Fediverse

Connecting your #WordPress blog(s) to #Fediverse have multiple benefits and here i will try to list few top reasons why every WordPress blog should federate it’s posts on Fediverse. First of all...


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Add FediPress To Your WordPress Blog

You probably noticed that we making directory of #WordPress websites which use #ActivityPub plugin to connect to #Fediverse. If your blog is not listed, you are welcome to submit it, simply contact ad...


I’ve been a web developer since 1999, and I’ve been on the indieweb since 2015. This site is a commonplace book for all my online activity and will eventually be a home for archives of all...


Ich liebe es, durch Leipzig zu radeln, genieße Reisen mit Eva, außerdem esse und koche ich für mein Leben gern Eintöpfe, während ich Podcasts höre. Visit: svenbrier.de


a weblog mainly about the open, portable, interoperable, small, social, synaptic, semantic, structured, distributed, (re-)decentralized, independent, microformatted and federated social web Visit: not...


Alexey Skobkin #WordPress blog connected to #Fediverse Visit: skobk.in


Podcasts. #WordPress site on #Fediverse using #ActivityPub plugin. Visit: plopp.utzer.de


A blog about software and more. Visit bune.city

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