What is the Fediverse?


Word Fediverse comes from two words, “Federated” and “Universe”.

The is a giant Network of social media platforms. There are platforms for microblogging, blogging, photoblogging, videohosting and much more and they are all interconnected or federated via few protocols like etc… So you only need one account to follow users on any of the platforms.

#WordPress can use ActivityPub protocol if you use ActivityPub plugin to connect to Fediverse. However, still you will not be able to follow people on Fedivers from your blog, but you can publish blog posts to Fediverse, a people on the network can comment on your posts, and such comments will appear within your blog posts, plus some more possibilities.

Imagine Twitter, Facebook, Instagram were all part of one giant network. That’s basically what the Fediverse is, except the parts are less well known, free software & federated replacements to those.

In the Fediverse you can use your “Twitter” account to interact with “Facebook” users, share “Instagram” posts, comment under “Youtube” videos, listen to “Bandcamp” music, follow “Blogger” blogs, take part in “Reddit” discussions and more.

If you like to know more about Fediverse, please visit joinfediverse.wiki

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